Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Nature's Fireworks - Fine Art Print

I would like to think that some good and interesting things are happening at night to balance out all of the criminal activity you hear about on the news.  And why couldn't plants have some fireworks going on to celebrate their big events, you know, like "Field Day" or "Aster Sunday".

The colors are very sexy midnight blue and gold and if you look at the image with a bit of a squint you can just imagine that late at night, when no one is watching, there is an amazing display of Roman Candles going off in the forest meadows.

This is a great one for the bedroom.  I'm not sure why.

Print is signed and dated on the back.  All photographs are printed on archival quality fine art paper will be sent unmounted and unframed.  

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8.5" x 11" with border, ready to frame

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