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Flowing Water Quote

"Flowing water never goes stale, so just keep on flowing." Bruce Lee Local waterfalls.....small when compared to Niagara Falls, but still lovely.  

Thrifting And Found Vintage 1960s Dusty Pink Glove & Head Scarf Set

Last week I was out thrifting and came across a very pretty 1960s vintage dusty pink glove and scarf set.  They were boxed and appear to have never been used - a great find!  They were also at the bottom of a crowded  glass counter in a corner - but I spotted them! The nylon gloves and semi sheer scarf are embellished with machine embroidered heart shaped clover - very feminine chic.  I initially thought that the long oblong shaped scarf was just a long oblong shape but was thrilled to discover that it opens up to be a hooded head scarf.  This is a great set for a special formal event, to recreate old hollywood glamour or just for the love of vintage. You never know what you're going to find at a thrift store.