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Hot Off The Bench - Copper and Dark Green Jade Ring

For women that love earthy jewelry, I've made this copper and nephrite jade stone bead ring.  It's listed at our Etsy shop .

Crackled Glass Marbles

I wasn't finding just the right bead in my stash the other day for an upcoming project.  Then it dawned on me....crackled glass marbles! That's what I needed!   This technique has been around for a long time and it is sometimes called fried glass marbles.   In the past I've bought crackled beads.....But it's so easy to do.   I put some glass marbles in an aluminum tray and  got my little toaster oven out, the one that I use just for crafting, and set the temperature for 350F.  Once the oven hit 350F I put the marbles in the oven for 20 minutes.  When the 20 minutes was up I removed the tray with oven mitts on and I dumped the marbles in a plastic bowl of cold ice water and within minutes I had some really cool looking patterns in the glass.  I didn't have safety goggles on so I made sure that I wasn't directly over the water bowl just in case some glass broke.  None did, but you do hear hissing and crackling. I baked some small round ones and some f