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Tree of Life Necklaces

I'm finally getting around to taking photos and listing the tree of life necklaces that I made in the early part of the summer.  I'll be listing one here today.  The cooler weather will start at the end of the week which means we'll be wearing longer sleeves and these necklaces are a great accessory for swing t-shirts and long relaxed sweaters.  They're a nice gift idea as well.  Maybe I'll gift one to myself.

Sandbanks Dune Beach

Instead of going for a run today, TP and I decided to hike the dunes at Sandbanks.  Since TP loves the heat and wide open spaces (and it wasn't busy with tourists), he was in his glory.  Me, not so much - it's 32 celsius today!  But I did it anyway....phew, and we'll be back when it's a little cooler because it's such a great spot.

Little Bluff Conservation - Driftwood Teepee

Last Friday TP and I decided to take advantage of these exceptionally warm September days and packed our folding chairs into the car and drove off to Little Bluff.  We had the pebble beach to ourselves and it was fantastic.  And. to top if off, someone built these wonderful teepee sculptures out of driftwood on the beach ( I don't know if it was someone from the conservation authority or some really energetic person).  Whatever the case may be, I like it.  We had so much rain and stormy weather in the early summer that the beach must have been littered with driftwood and this is a great way to clean it up.

Autumn - Thoughtful Quote

"Autumn, the year's last, loveliest smile." William Cullen Bryant

New Simple Clean Website

So, I've made changes to my site again. Since I made the decision to go back to blogger I wanted to have my website there/here as well. There certainly is a lot more in the way of templates available to Wordpress users, and not so much for blogger, but I kept on looking and came across BlogrCart and a template called SeVen.   It looked like what I wanted but I thought about it for a while and finally made the leap and I so glad that I did. I modified the template for my own purposes and I had a couple of hiccups, but the staff and/or Irsah were always available to help me work through them despite the time difference. They were great!  The last thing to do was to link my domain to blogspot.   I now have a simple, clean looking website that I am happy with....Now I'm a happy camper!