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Vintage 1960s Mid Length White Nylon Gloves For Women

Gloves were once a staple in a women's wardrobe.  Now, because of the show Bridgerton, apparently they are a trending item.  So, what was once old is new again.  Although, for some women gloves have never gone out of style because they love everything vintage.   Well, for the women out there that have a love of vintage, these pretties are listed in our Etsy Shop.  These are late 50s early 60s white decorative nylon lace gloves that were made in Japan.  Take a peek.


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Pink and Orange Colour Combination

It's probably not often thought of as a colour combination that works, but I absolutely love the colour combination of pink and orange.  I think it's a stunning combination, a bit bold, cheerful, reminds me of summer, a mood booster - and colour does affect your mood.  If you mixed the two colours together you would get pink.....and I love pink too.  I look to nature to find colour pallettes to work with and sometimes I just have to open my back door.  These are the fall berries of Euonymus fortunei.  A happy bit of colour in my fall garden.

Copper and Blue Glass Bead Dangle Earrings

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