Cuff Ring With Vintage Pink Button, Ring Size 7

This brass cuff ring is made from jeweler's brass that I've cut, filed and polished by hand.  I've added a pink vintage button with a little brass wire rose on top.  Two decorative scrolls have been stamped at the back of the ring. 

This cute ring is a size 7 but it can be gently adjusted to fit your finger up or down a size.  It is 1" wide from knuckle to knuckle and a protective finish using Renaissance Wax has been applied to this ring. 

☛Eventually the protective coating will wear off and brass will patina with age.  When that happens you may be wondering if your skin will turn green because of the high copper content - well, the answer is MAYBE.  Some people react to copper and some don't. It usually occurs because of a chemical reaction between acids in your skin and the metal.  Combined they make copper salts which turn green.  A little soap and water will wash it off.  And keeping your jewelry clean and dry will help to prevent this from happening. Avoid wearing in the water and lotions/sprays to perserve the colour.

To reseal, use an automotive wax such as Turtle Wax. Or, if you're looking for a natural sealant, try beeswax. Apply with a clean, soft cotton cloth using very small amounts until evenly coated then buff to a desired shine.☚

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