Red Tiger Eye Adjustable Copper Ring

This is a red tiger eye adjustable ring that I have crafted with pure copper wire.  I have shaped and wire wrapped a single red tiger eye bead and added a decorative swirl making this a stylish statement ring. This is a casual comfortable ring to wear and a perfect addition to your boho jewelry collection. This ring would look great worn on your index finger.
MEASUREMENTS:  I’ve made this ring a size 9-1/2 but it can be gently adjusted to fit your finger up or down a size. It sits approximately 1/4″ high.
***NOTE:  Unvarnished copper will develop a darker patina naturally over time. If you do not like this look you can polish it off with a jewelry polishing cloth.
~~~For some wearers copper will leave a temporary green mark on your skin. This usually occurs because of a chemical reaction between acids in your skin and the metal. Combined they make copper salts which turn green. It will wash off with soap and water and it is harmless. Copper jewelry should be cleaned regularly with mild soap and water to prevent oxidizing with your skin.  And keeping your jewelry clean and dry will help to prevent this from happening.~~~

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