Blue Tiger Eye & Copper Dangle Earrings

These are blue tiger eye dangle earrings that are simple and understated in design. These particular stones have more golden yellow than blue-gray and light up in the sunshine.  Hand forged scrolls are set to dangle and swing freely as you move.  These are fun dangle earrings that are lightweight and comfortable to wear.  All metal is pure copper and have been hand forged by yours truly.
NOTE: I made these These earrings with 18 gauge wire which would be suitable for slightly larger holes.
Measurements: 2″(5.08 cm) in length including ear wire. Ear hoop is wide at 7/8″ (2.22 cm).
***NOTE: Unvarnished copper will develop a darker patina naturally over time. If you do not like this look you can polish it off with a jewelry polishing cloth.
~~~You may be wondering if your skin will turn green if you wear copper – well, the answer is MAYBE. This usually occurs because of a chemical reaction between acids in your skin and the metal. Combined they make copper salts which turn green. A little soap and water will wash it off. And keeping your jewelry clean and dry will help to prevent this from happening.~~~

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